Skate skiing 101

Skate skiing is a form of cross country skiing where the skier makes a skating motion rather than the walking type motion of the classic style. The skate ski tends to be shorter and the poles longer to aid the skier in the skate technique.

Skate Ski Gear

Skate gear differs from classic gear in that the skate ski is shorter and has no grip zone to allow the whole ski to glide along. The skate ski boot has more structure around the ankle to support the skier as they push out like in ice skating to propel them forward.

Of course, proper outer wear will allow the skier to enjoy the ski without getting cold. Pants specifically designed for cross country skiing allow more movement for the lower body by adding hinge points at the knee much like running tights. A ski jacket that allows the arms to move freely is also a good idea.

Keep in mind to dress in layers to keep the body warm and to wick moisture away from the core.


Top 4 Tips

Body position equal bend in knee ankles and hips and slightly forward
Like ice skating, the skier pushes out to the side with each gliding stride
Use the ski poles to help propel you along by pushing with both poles between each stride
Allow the ski to glide along before the next stride is taken

Putting it all together

Skate skiers would do well to take specific skate ski lessons to make sure they have the correct technique. A lesson in how to wax the skate skis is also a good thing to have.

Our friends at Nipika have lessons all winter

Learn to skate ski

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