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About Candace Bruins

When my husband Brendon and I bought a house in Radium BC years ago, we found the Crazy Soles Nipika Trail race. That’s when we met Beva and Jordie and they totally convinced us to switch to running trails and we haven’t looked back.

In fact, over the years, I’ve managed to convert most of my road running friends into trail runners.

When the opportunity came up ‘to carry on the torch of the shop’, I jumped at the chance to take up the challenge of running a small independant run shop. The best part is meeting people and helping them find the products and information to help them meet their fitness goals.

In the winter you can find me fat biking, cross country skiing, trail running, snowshoeing, curling and snowboarding.

In the summer I switches to mountain biking, hiking, swimming, road cycling, and trail running.



About Brendon Bashuski

This is my husband, Brendon.

Brendon has textbook perfect running form, and so gets to be the model for a lot of the running related pictures for the business as you will notice.

He’s also naturally athletic, which also drives me crazy as I am not.

He’s also my cheerleader and support crew for all my crazy run races I’ve done.  He is also a big supporter of me taking on the challenge of the shop

He loves the beauty and simplicity of running trails, without strava, a garmin, or heart rate monitor. Just him, the trail and his dog.


About Brittney Tracey

Brittney comes from Sparwood BC and moved into the valley in 2020 with her husband and two boys.  After she had her oldest son, she decided to run to lose the “baby weight” and she fell in love with running by doing a half marathon as her very first race.

Then then she found trail running, which lead her to doing an ultra marathon and hasn’t looked back.

She is the race director of the Elk Valley Fatass Ultra, founder of the Columbia Valley Runners group on Facebook . She has her coaching certification and designed our couch to 5K plan.

You can find her on the trails, finding opportunities to really push her limits, whether distance or pace or terrain. She loves how it feels to keep going through the suffering, and come out the other side of it a better person.


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